COVID-19 - Business Continuity Plan External Communication No.3


Issue 3                                                                                                 

25th March 2020

PTAL is continuing to monitor the current situation and Government guidance concerning the COVID-19 outbreak and its ongoing duty of care to employees, clients and business partners. Following further review on Monday 23rd March, it has been determined that our East Sussex (Uckfield) office will now be closed from Wednesday 25th March 2020. PTAL staff will be working remotely to ensure business continuity and to support client projects through this time.

We confirm that PTAL will continue to operate on a daily basis, adhering to normal office hours. All staff are able to correspond via e-mail, telephone and video conferencing to keep existing workflows progressing.

PTAL believes that the measures put in place since 16th March ensure that we are:

  • Acting responsibly in the light of Government guidance.
  • Protecting the health and wellbeing of our people.
  • Ensuring continuity of our own core business activities.
  • Prepared as a business to continue to work in partnership with our clients and business partners to maintain ‘business as usual’.

This continues to be an unprecedented time for us all and the situation is changing daily. We are prepared and are confident in the abilities of our people, systems and processes to minimise the impact of this disruption to our operation and assure you of our best attention at all times.

Please Note: Further communications relating to our Business Continuity Plan will now be posted on our website and social media channels only.